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Our Professional Hair care Brands

Make your visit complete with top brands like Olaplex, Amika, Eleven Australia, Fanola, Loma, and Milkshake to keep your hair looking and feeling its best! We also carry locally made jewelry, scrunchies, candles and our own strip lash brand. 

Products Your Hair Will Love

Discover some of our favourite haircare brands that we carry including:

  • OLAPLEX, the original bond builder. Olaplex repairs all types of hair damage.  Protects the hair follicle from further breakage, increases hair strength and elasticity, and  noticeably repairs extreme damage! Turns dry, damaged hair into soft, shiny, resilient hair.
  • AMIKA, professional haircare containing Sea Buckthorne Berry. Sulphate free, cruelty free, artificial colour free and phthalate free.
  • milk_shake products make the most of the benefits of nature to offer dedicated solutions for all hair types. Natural ingredients such as milk proteins and fruit extracts enhance your hair’s natural beauty. The products have been created with an awareness of their enviromental impact and a solid commitment to minimising such impact by reducing sulphates, parabens and sodium choloride in the product formulas and opting for packaging and printed materiels that can be recycled.
  • Fanola, most known for the Insta-famous purple shampoo, is exclusively formulated, conceptualized and manufactured in Italy. The no yellow mask is one of our all time favourites for blondes.
  • Loma, is a collection of organically infused, aromatic products for daily comfort. Naturally healing, organic ingrediens partenered with enviromentally-conscious manufacturing. Enoy fresh, natural aromas from organic ingredients in hair, body washes, body lotions, lip balms and candles. All ingredients are non toxic and  non harmful to you and the enviroment. Vegan friendly, never tested on animals.



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